TECNOTAST S.r.l. is a company that has worked for more than 25 years
in the silk screen printing industry determined to satisfy companies who
are looking for the utmost professionality in the supply of advanced products.
The continuous research of the most evolved technology has enabled TECNOTAST S.r.l.
to be a reference in the silk screen printing sector.

All the productive phases are managed internally, guaranteeing the maximun qualitative
standard from the graphic projection to the electronic testing of the circuit.
The membrane keyboards are as always the emblem product of our production, for the last
30 years they have become more and more utilized due to their esthetical flexibility, suitable
for the various technical and design needs requested by today’s market.

TECNOTAST S.r.l. build their products with the best materials in the market today, which are
enhanced resin domed surfaces, led integrated hot deep - drawing with customised shapes or
with the insertion of the classic snap dome.

All products are rigorousy tested by specific software, the TECNOTAST S.r.l. keyboard membrane
maintain their characteristics throughout time both mechanically and elettronically.
Frontal sinottic adhesives in polyester/policarbonate in pvc and the production of industrial
bi-dhesives for the many varieties in terms of shape and application, putting TECNOTAST S.r.l.
firmly in pole position on a national scale in this particular sector.